Arlen jumps off, Jorge jumps on!

Our bassist Arlen Wiesenthal has decided to focus all his attention to his studies and will stop playing with Caracas. Although it's sad to hear this after playing with him for a year, we are happy for him; he was working overtime with bands and studies, so this decision makes sense and we totally support it. Go forth and pursue your dreams, dude! We'll miss you.

We are now starting to play with our friend Jorge Luis Pedret, who we met through a mutual friend. He's learning our songs slowly and will try to learn as many songs as he can before our show at the Charqui Grill on the 6th of June! (So come on out and show him your support!)

And there's yet another possible addition to our lineup - which we'll leave as a surprise for when we are ready to share the news!

Onwards and Upwards! :D

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