Caracas plays the Cineworks Film Society year-end party!

This Wednesday December 17th Caracas is playing a free show inside Cineworks, a popular filmmakers society in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It's the seasonal holiday party and you're invited! Come at 8pm, watch the movie, and then watch Caracas play at 9:30pm. Stay on for DJ Dr.Jones who will make you dance until we get kicked out.

What makes this show special for us is that we will be playing for the first time in our new, bigger, awesome-r configuration!

You will get to see Luis Garzon on the bass guitar, Jorge Pedret on the rhythm guitar, Enmanuel Moreno on the drumkit. Victor will continue playing his lead guitars, Heather will continue playing the jazz trumpet and Javier will focus on vocals and playing a set of compact congas with other Latin percussion.

And the best thing is, we can still adjust to any show size - we can scale back to our three piece, or we can go festival-size crazy.

See you at the show!


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