CARACAS (click to go to the bio!)

CARACAS (click to go to the bio!)

An explosive musical experiment that smashes together Punk rock, Ska beats, Jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, tons of Latin mojo and a kickass live show.

First gig with our new bandmates! 

After a few months in the jamspace practicing our songs with Isaac and Andrew, we were ready to hit the stage! Thanks to Ben from Elevator Music we got that chance by playing at one of the oldest pubs in Vancouver, Pat's Pub (first opened in 1914 and home to many amazing jazz musicians over the decades!).

Here's a video of our last song of the night, "Fairy Dust Mofo" (thanks Kathy!)

We played with our old friends, Some Kind of Acronym (S.K.A.) and the brass-laden Brehdren!

See you at our next gig!!


Feliz 2018! Introducing...the Godwin brothers! 

Its been a while since our last post so here it is -- we've been busy teaching our songs - and coming up with new ones - with our two new awesome band mates: Andrew and Isaac Godwin!

Andrew will replace our drummer Shawn who moved to Vancouver island with his family, and Isaac will replace our on-and-off bassist Luis for a more permanent position!

May you all have a rocking new year!!

Caracas plays with Desorden Publico! 

This is a longtime dream come true for us...on November 11th we'll be playing a show with our all-time heroes, Venezuelan ska legends DESORDEN PUBLICO!! We're beyond words - this year's been good to us, so thanks everyone for your ongoing support!!

Desorden Publico is on its 31st year playing ska for the world, and we couldn't be happier! It's the music that inspired us to pick up an instrument, get through our day jobs, and get over high school heartbreaks! It's the music of a couple generations of Venezuelans...and we get the opportunity to share the stage with them! Pinch us now! :D

Also on the bill are our friends from Los Furios and Santa Lucia LFR!

Tickets available now at

See you there!


The Princeton Pub Rocks + Shawn's first gig! 

It was our first show playing with our old friend and new drummer Shawn Martin! And he nailed. every. song. He even played one we had put in the backburner for the longest time (the odd time signature Leo Un Cuento).

The packed roomful of regulars had their eyes on us throughout the whole set, and cheered enthusiastically after every song. They even sang along to Dale A Tu Spanish. What an awesome crowd. We invited the drummer of The Twitch (who played a killer show after us) -- Colin -- to play some cowbells and shaker on Diez Años (even our old friend Heather jumped on stage to play some Guiro on it too!).

The Twitch slayed with their blues and shredding hard rock, and Two White (which was only one-half tonight with Beth White) played a smooth vocal/guitar set. Javier even jumped on stage to help her out with some background percussion. Overall, what an awesome night. Can't wait to do it again next Friday at the Displace Hashery in Kitsilano! See you there!


Previous events


Caracas and Alma Chevere rock at Kino!

Kino Cafe, 3456 Cambie St, Vancouver

An open invitation to the Latin American community of Vancouver and their friends to share the evening with two Venezuelan bands - Caracas and Alma Chevere!

Hasta pronto!

Latin Rock Birthday at the Charqui

Charqui Grill, 1955 Cornwall St, Vancouver

We're back at the Charqui for the second week in a row! This time we're playing with singer/songwriter Alex Cuevas, who will perform big hits of 90s Rock en Español to celebrate our buddy Carlos's birthday! Come out and sing along with old and new friends - this will be better than a night of karaoke in Hong Kong!

Age limit: All ages

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