Our single from our upcoming 2016 EP "Bring on the Playtime", with a full new sound from your favorite Latin party punks.

On this track:

Javier Badillo (Vocals / Percussion)
Victor Badillo (Guitar / Vocals)
Heather Anderson (Trumpet / Percussion / Vocals)
Luis Garzon (Bass / Vocals)
Enmanuel Moreno (Drums / Congas)
Greg Samek (Percussion)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Dylan Ellis.
Recorded at Fader Mountain/The Farm and DeVille Studios.
Vancouver, Canada.

Cover photos by the awesome Paul Joseph: www.pauljosephphoto.com

Publishing (SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI) by
Dead Level / Dead Straight Records

Contact the band:


These clouds they look so full
their colors dark with gloom
a little water quenches the soul

take note of changes
they mess you up real good
but changes make for a much better you

oh, pa pa ra pa pa
oh, Bring on the playtime

Can you hear yourself speak
can you let your muse peek
and let her lead you to meet all your needs

Turn off the TV
log out of Facebook too
it takes some paper a pen and just you

oh, pa pa ra pa pa
oh, Bring on the playtime